Level 4 - Precious Metals Consultant

Level 4 - Precious Metals Consultant

Training as a precious metal consultant

  • Currencies past and present
  • Precious metals and their characteristics
  • Precious metals and their markets
  • Other metals and their influence on the precious metals market
  • Exchange and purchase
  • Osmium as the most precious metal
  • Crypto currencies
  • Wallets and Property
  • Exchanges and stock exchanges
  • Explanations using the OICoin as an example
  • Understanding of commodities and monetary transactions
  • Security and counterfeit protection
  • Advice and explanation
  • Repetition of the osmium fundamentals


  • Dialogue situations in the field
  • Typical questions and their answers
  • Osmium distribution by telephone
  • Osmium for various target groups


Two-day classroom training to become a precious metal consultant.

Price: 580,- Euro plus VAT. Overnight stay and catering included.


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Level 4 - Precious Metals Consultant