Training schedule

Training schedule

Training schedule of the Osmium-Institute for the acquisition of expertise in the field of precious metals, in particular in the osmium segment.

The purpose of the seminars and training courses is to acquire the comprehensive knowledge necessary for the sale and consultation of precious metals in particular osmium. In the interest of all customers, sales partners and retailers, it is therefore necessary to learn and deepen this knowledge.

False statements made to the customer or incorrect disclosure of facts lead, in addition to the uncertainty of the customer, sometimes to the loss of a customer or at least to the dissemination of incorrect information in the worst case to legal consequences. Everyone is therefore encouraged to take the training courses seriously and to avoid communication errors in order to give the special precious metal osmium the market it deserves and demands.

Therefore, please take the time to thoroughly carry out and fully understand the offered training courses. We have put together a mix of online and face-to-face training so that you can enjoy working with us right from the start and achieve success.

The first step is to get to know the element osmium on site at a wholesaler or sales partner. This simple two-hour meeting serves the first gain of knowledge and the real first contact with osmium.

Information events of this kind are also offered at the headquarters of the osmium institutes worldwide and at regular intervals. Here you can get in touch with Osmium for the first time and see for yourself why customers and partners are so enthusiastic. You will see packaging and application material and learn the first facts.

You will get a first idea of how osmium is introduced to the market. You will also hear the first sales arguments and distinctions to other precious metals. And you will learn what role you can play and what earning opportunities are available to you.

Once you are on the team because you have successfully completed the onboarding or if you have a partner contract or if you have signed a NDA for external partners, your training on the Internet starts with level 2. We have tried to explain in clear sections via video, audio and text so that you have your tools at hand within a few days.

In general, there are several levels of status that you can achieve. The main difference is the type of business you have chosen. You can and may only trade if you are a registered merchant or have founded a company.

In general, online training is mandatory for tipsters and resellers. It has to be completed and the examination has to be taken and must have been passed before the start of the activity.

Among the resellers there can be partners who become wholesale partners and partners who start trading osmium with simple registration on the Internet. In all these cases, online training is mandatory for trading partners. Crystalline osmium may not be offered without passing the appropriate examination.

On the other hand, there are partners who work solely on the basis of a tipster system and do not themselves enter the trade. For these partners, too, at least level 2 online training is mandatory, which involves approximately four hours of learning time and 10 minutes of online exam time.



Conditions of participation

Anyone over the age of 18 who has gone through the onboarding process and is registered in the database of an osmium institute can participate.

It is not necessary to present a trade license in order to participate. In real trade with osmium, however, it is mandatory to pay taxes on income independently.

Osmium seminars are partly free of charge and partly with costs. In the case of a seminar with costs, the fee must be paid in full before the seminar begins.

Seminar Levels

The content of the training courses is divided into five levels, each of which builds on the other. The next level can only be started after completing the previous level.

Distribution of seminar levels:

Level 1: Getting to know each other and first contact

Price: free of charge

Places: At retailers and in osmium institutes, near trade fairs.

Status: "No status"

Level 2: Online training and assessment for tipsters and trading partners

Price: free of charge

Places: Online

Status: "participated" without passing the exam and "examined" after passing the exam.

Level 3: One-day classroom training for trading partners and wholesale partners to deepen sales and specialist knowledge about osmium

Group size: minimum 4 to maximum 20 participants

Price: 290,- Euro plus VAT. Catering included.

Places: Osmium institutes and on request locally at the location of the group.

Status: "certified"

Level 4: Two-day classroom training to become a precious metals consultant

Group size: minimum 8 to maximum 20 participants

Price: 580,- Euro plus VAT. Overnight stay and catering included.

Places: Osmium institutes and on request locally at the location of the group.

Status: "Precious Metals Advisor"


Level 5: Three-day instructor training for levels 1 to 3

Group size: minimum 2 to maximum 4 participants

Price: 2.990,- Euro plus VAT including overnight stays and catering

Places: Germany (Munich and Berlin), South Africa (George), USA (San Diego, Las Vegas and Miami), Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Cyprus (Aphrodites Hill). Further locations on request

Status: "Trainer"

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Training schedule