Certification and degrees

Certification and degrees

As a participant you will receive a certificate for successful participation in the training courses, which authorises you to supply osmium.

You can first attend Level 1 and Level 2 free of charge and then attend Levels 3 to 5 training courses for a fee. Depending on the progress of your training, you will receive one of the statuses "participated", "tested", "certified", "precious metal consultant" and "trainer" after passing the exams.

Please note that our company generally only passes on leads, i.e. end customer contacts, to partners who have completed Level 3 and passed the corresponding exam. It is therefore advisable to take part in the training courses and pass the exams in order to generate further sales.

Examination hotline: 089 7 44 88 88 88

We would like to ask you the following:

Do not take the training too easy. It is about real understanding. The information and questions about physics must also be fully understood by you. The exams contain actual queries of detailed knowledge and are not alibi multiple choice exams.

We are a little strict here, but please believe us that it is to your best in sales and presentation. The knowledge that you acquire and pass on represents the osmium institutes and is therefore decisive for their general appearance.


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Certification and degrees