Contents of the seminars

Contents of the seminars

Please find here in form of a table the contents of the trainings and seminars.

For the Trainer Program Level 5 we kindly ask you to enquire at the institute. Should you have special requirements, then we are always open for suggestions.

Seminars in foreign languages are also offered. Generally, in each country where an Osmium-Institute is located, training is provided in the language of that country. In addition, English is usually offered, too.

All training content can be found in the Academy, both as text or as audio document collection and video training. Therefore, learn in a relaxed way in an institute, at home or while travelling.


Level 1 - Getting to know osmium

Discover Osmium

  • Getting to know the osmium instiute and its tasks.
  • Explanations of the characteristics of osmium, the elative of precious metals.
  • Main presentation with about 50 slides about history, precious metals, classification of osmium, occurrence, use and current market.
  • Experience, touch and understand osmium.


Two-hour basic introduction, free of charge

Level 2 - Online Training

Online training via video, audio and text.

  •     Basic understanding of the osmium market
  •     Role of the osmium institutes
  •     Trading structure and referrers
  •     Physical characteristics and their explanation
  •     Distinction from other metals and precious metals
  •     Standard FAQs
  •     The diamond market
  •     Stories about Osmium


Four-hour training, free of charge, online

Examination, free of charge, online, tools allowed

Level 3 - classroom training

Training seminar for the distribution of osmium

  • Presentation of the websites related to osmium
  • Understanding the world market of osmium
  • Information about quantity constructs in the market
  • Procedures for market entry by market participants
  • Getting to know many target groups for osmium sales
  • Explanation of the Download Center
  • Explanation of press work
  • Presentation of the activities in the field of social media


Exercise part:

  • Dealing with defined and typical questions
  • Shipping and packing
  • Customs and Tax


One-day classroom training to deepen sales and specialist knowledge about osmium.

Price: 290,- Euro plus VAT. Catering included.

Level 4 - Precious Metals Consultant

Training as a precious metal consultant

  • Currencies past and present
  • Precious metals and their characteristics
  • Precious metals and their markets
  • Other metals and their influence on the precious metals market
  • Exchange and purchase
  • Osmium as the most precious metal
  • Crypto currencies
  • Wallets and Property
  • Exchanges and stock exchanges
  • Explanations using the OICoin as an example
  • Understanding of commodities and monetary transactions
  • Security and counterfeit protection
  • Advice and explanation
  • Repetition of the osmium fundamentals


  • Dialogue situations in the field
  • Typical questions and their answers
  • Osmium distribution by telephone
  • Osmium for various target groups


Two-day classroom training to become a precious metal consultant.

Price: 580,- Euro plus VAT. Overnight stay and catering included.

Level 5 - Training as a trainer

Training as trainer and instructor for levels 1 to 3

  • Definition of training objectives
  • Separation of target groups in sales
  • Separation of customer groups
  • Different teaching approaches
  • Getting to know the teaching material
  • Getting to know the learning platform
  • Getting to know the Translation Center
  • Structure of shop systems
  • Dealing with problem scenarios
  • Handling goods on consignment
  • Setting up and carrying out events


Knowledge transfer beyond the boundaries of traditional expertise

  • Deepening knowledge of physics
  • Deepening knowledge of the market
  • Deepening knowledge of the structure


Three-day instructor training for levels 1 to 3.

Price: 2.990,- Euro plus VAT including overnight stays and catering.

Places: Germany (Munich and Berlin), South Africa (George), USA (San Diego, Las Vegas and Miami), Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Cyprus (Aphrodites Hill). Further locations on request

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Contents of the seminars