KickOff Meetings

KickOff Meetings

Dear users of the Osmium Academy,

In my role as Director of the International Academy for the acquisition of osmium expertise, I would like to thank you for your interest in the last of the eight precious metals.

In general, this academy is open to anyone interested in osmium. The task of the osmium institutes is not only the certification and introduction to the market, but also the dissemination of profound knowledge for the interested customer, as well as for tipsters or retailers.

Especially when dealing with osmium in the processing industry, the processing guidelines are important. Every jeweller and every manufactory that wants to work with osmium must be familiar with them.

My role at the Academy is to create an environment for you as a trainee in which you can and want to acquire knowledge in a simple way. For this purpose the new online-based portal of the Osmium Academy was built. Here you learn straightforwardly with the help of learning videos. At the same time, there are new podcasts that allow you to learn and practice on long journeys, for example in your car.

The new exams are structured using multiple choice and reflect the expertise you need to acquire.

You do not have to take the exam for all positions, but it supports to do it one way or the other to check your own level of knowledge.

I wish you a great learning experience!
Sarah Lechowski


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